If you are lookings for models not provided within Model API, Lepton AI can help you with a range of preset templates that streamline the deployment process. These templates allow for simple configurations, including setting environment variables and selecting expected resource types, enabling you to launch optimized deployments effortlessly.

Lepton LLM Engine

The LLM Engine by Lepton provides fast and easy deployment of popular open source LLM models, at users' full control. We have built it with compatibility for major LLM architectures, with common optimization technique like dynamic batching, quantization, speculatively execution, and more. We also provide an OpenAI-compatible API to deploy your own fine-tuned LLM models, so you can use it as a drop-in replacement for the OpenAI API.

Stable Diffusion Farm

Stable Diffusion Farm is setup for running stable diffusion workload with your choice of models. This template will allow you to:

  • Setup image generation workload api such as text-to-image generation, image-to-image generation, etc.
  • Use your own choice of models including lora, ckpt, etc. This documentation will cover configurations including adding your choice of models, extensions, and access it via API.

Stable Diffusion WebUI

Stable Diffusion Web UI is a web browser interface tool to easily manage model checkpoints, loras, and configurations for image generation tasks with the Stable Diffusion model, an AI model can generate images from text prompts or modify existing images with text prompts. This documentation will walk you through setting up your environment, adding your choice of models or Loras, and generating an image.